World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents By Chris MayerFrom Brazilian farmlands to Colombian gold fields, from Chinese shopping malls to Indian hotels, from South African wine country to the boom/bust souks of Dubai, Chris Mayer’s around-the-world investing field trip explores the nooks and crannies for hidden investment opportunities.World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents packs big ideas to power your portfolio in the years ahead. Along the way, you’ll learn many fascinating tidbits about the world’s diverse markets.

For the first time since before the Industrial Revolution, the emerging markets now contribute as much to the global economy as their more well-developed peers. Far from being an anomaly, this state of affairs is more in line with the bulk of human experience. For centuries, China and India were the world’s largest economies.  And so the world is turning… right side up.* This change creates a wealth of opportunities for investors, in both the emerging and developed markets. World Right Side Up will tell you how to profit from this tectonic shift.

Chris Mayer takes you to meet fund managers, officials and movers and shakers around the globe: from the Middle East to Africa to Asia and Australia and home again. * You’ll explore gold riches in Colombia, agriculture in Brazil and living like a king in Nicaragua* Next, jet off to China and India, where Chris sizes up this massive shift * After a stop in boom-bust Dubai, you’ll discover South Africa’s surprising wealth. The investment adventure continues in Southeast Asia, before going to the farthest-flung resource opportunities in Mongolia and Russia* Some of the best companies can be found closer to home: in Canada and the USA * Uncover specific investment ideas and themes: opportunities in agriculture, water, energy, infrastructure and much, much more * Each chapter includes key take-aways from each region, offering resources to consult for more guidance. While others fear the changes happening now, the forward-thinking investor will learn that these sizable new markets will create extraordinary new opportunities.

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